Grease Fires can be Prevented!

Our services can prevent grease fires and maintain commercial exhaust systems. Serving the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas!

Every year thousands of restaurant structure fires are reported resulting in civilian injury, death, and millions of dollars lost in property damage. The majority of these structure fires are due to cooking. Cooking materials (grease, oil) are the most frequent items that are first ignited. Exhaust grease fires are produced when grease build up and intense heat are brought together. Keeping a safe cooking environment is the most important factor to you, your business, and the customers you serve.

Restaurants are regulated under an assortment of codes. Although most local jurisdictions or states have established fire safety building codes that affect restaurants, some national associations like the National Fire Protection Association have recommended standardized regulations regarding restaurant fire and life safety. NFPA 96: 'Standard on Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations' is an established guideline regarding and often recognized as the governing standard on fire safety in commercial kitchens. This guideline covers many of the operations of the commercial kitchen including exhaust and grease removal systems, fire extinguishing equipment in restaurant kitchens, and the maintenance and cleaning of such equipment.

Keeping cooking equipment routinely clean is an essential part of your business. Industrial Cleaning Solutions provides an efficient and professional restaurant kitchen vent hood cleaning and exhaust system service.

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