Installation and Products

Industrial Cleaning Solutions provides a number of products and services to keep your exhaust system clean and working like new. Here you can find all the exhaust products needed to create a safe, effective, and efficient work environment.

We clean kitchen exhaust systems, including fans, duct work, plenum hoods and filters. We also install access panels and can perform belt service as part of a regular scheduled service. We sell a full line of stainless steel and galvanized filters from diffrent manufacturers. The below products can greatly increase efficiency and reduce cleaning costs.

Commercial grade filters capture grease and keep your kitchen area clean. Very durable, made with high grade galvanized steel.
Grease Containment
A containment system which captures grease from the exhaust fan and lets water pass through. This system prevents grease build up on roof tops.
Hinge Kit
Hinge kits are installed onto exhaust systems and provide necessary access for cleaning. Without doing so can result in messy clean up and possible damage to the fan bowl and wires.
Please call us at 703-402-9888 or 1-877-CLEAN-81 to discuss an installation or to purchase any of the products we offer!